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"Iroqouis Constitution"

Iroquois Links

Sometimes not sorted, a list of what ever I find when I go sifting through the millions of pages.



Blood Quantum
Just look before the
excitement kills one of us...

The Book Pile
A section for people looking for popular Iroquois Book titles that have ravaged planet earth over the many years...


Resource Invasion
A tiny boost in the amount of Primary Resources Listings on
this page.

Iroquois Related Quotes

So far just a few old quotes out of some dusty old books.

The X Files
Things that most people will never see in there lifetime.


Yahoo Groups
A place where I created
discussion groups on all the Iroquois Languages

Haudenosaunee Time Line

What happened to the Iroquois along the lines of the notions of time.


Iroquois Language Info
A section of electronic
characters devoted to Kanienkeha Lang. for people all over the world to see and

The Kahnawake Message Board
This is new, its public domain, privately started and true to the nature of Freedom of Speech.


Kahon:wes's Pictures
Mostly pictures of
Kahnawake and people from here who have no clue there on my website


The Iroquois Confederacy Information Archive
Treaties, Articles, Stories and
other stuff I find interesting
for people to view....


The Message Board
A place to amuse yourself in Kahonwes's wonder of webpages and words.

Where the Fire Starts
Just a Place I rarely put stuff anymore.



Kind words from all over
planet EARTH. Soon to be deleted!!!!!

The Yard Sale
The place to get a few Iroquois items, some old books and what ever else I can find to put in it.

ODD Links
Human rights
Eastern Door
Alex Rice
Lacrosse EZBOARD

Whats New
Everything thats new here on Kahonwes.com
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