The following words have been taken from the email I have recieved from people.  None of the words have been changed only snipped out of emails. Instead of just deleting peoples words and questions I decided to let people on the internet see what types of comments I get. All are real emails I have recieved, and all have been replied to.

           I'd like to thank all the people who have sent me email, for the kind words, encouragement and some of the weirdest requests ever. I hope people continue to find something they like on my homepage, and that I can continue to provide a source of information to people around the world since this tiny thing I created in cyberspace is global.

          In the future I will add some of the requests I get from people on various topics. This will give people a better idea of what kind of questions I am not able to answer. Last but not least remember your words may be next on here.....


"Congrats on your excellent page! I really love it! Keep it up! I have one favor to ask you, can you translate "I love you" to Mohawk? Thanks and Happy New Year Henrique D'Aguiar Portugal"

"Also, I am looking to find a symbol that represents Iroqouis. What is the symbol above your x-files link? Or if you have any other suggestions. thanks. please feel free to email back to me at this address or at"

"I was wondering if you could tell me the Mohawk word for bright skies? Thanks for any help you could give!! Stephen A. Carbone"

"if you can help me i would certainly appreciate it. my father told us as we were growing up that he was a little over 1/4 iroquois. where do i begin to research this? i cannot ask him or his family as they are deceased; and i would really like to know. I do not know from which tribe he was decended ( he was from connecticut) can you help me? thank-you Laurie Abbey"

"Could you help me in my search of finding someone who could send me information on how to de Raised Beadwork. My husband's family is from the Six Nation and our family would like to learn this type of beadwork. Most of my husband's family have walked on and no one know how to do Raised Beadwork. Thank you for your help! Patricia Komondy-Brant (Ronald Komondy-Brant)"

"She:kon, I stumbled across your site late last night, I found you a rather intriguing, humorous free spirit. Your words rang true in your respect for a Matriarchal society, and I loved the controversy you bring to the people...keep them on their toes my friend. I read your poetry and some of the stories you have put on your site, for a young man you have much insight Kim"

"My name is Erin Raab and I heard and interesting story about Iroquois culture and was wondering if you could tell me more about it. Basically, what I understand is that Iroquois think seven generations ahead in their actions. Do you know where this came from or any more about it? I would really appreciate it if you could let me know either way. Thanks! Erin"

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